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Virus & Spyware Removal

Windows Upgrades & Re-Installation

Data Recovery & Backup

Computer Slow or Unable to Boot

Blue Screen Errors (BSOD)

PC and Laptop & Repair & Upgrade

Laptop Screen & Keyboard Replacement

And Pretty Much Anything Else…

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And pretty much anything else…

It’s not possible to list everything that can go wrong with computers (there’s so much!), but with the exception of Apple products, I can fix pretty much anything, including some games consoles, so please feel free to send your (computer related) problems my way and I will do my best to resolve them for you for just £30/£40

Internet & Home WiFi

For many of us, it’s now hard to imagine not having a wireless network at home, allowing laptops, smart phones, etc to access the Internet or share files between devices.

From troubleshooting an existing network, to adding devices to it, to making your network more secure, to a complete installation from scratch, I can help.

Laptop Screen / Keyboard Replacement

Laptop screens are fragile and easily broken, often by closing the lid with something on the keyboard, or banging / dropping them.

Screens typically cost £40 to £70

Keyboards usually expire due to spilt drinks or toddlers getting their hands on them and breaking off keys (though these can usually be replaced on an individual basis if there is no damage to the supporting clips).

Keyboards are usually around £15 to £30 to buy

PC / Laptop Hardware Repair / Upgrades

PC’s are much more flexible (and generally cheaper) when it comes to replacing parts as they separate into their component pieces quite easily. For example, a replacement motherboard for a PC starts at around £35, but one for a laptop tends to be nearer £100 - and that’s if you can even get hold of one.

Aside from hard drives, another common physical failure is the thermal paste that helps draw heat away from the processor can break down over time, resulting in (usually laptops) running hot and, if severe, switching off abruptly.

PC’s can upgrade processors, hard drives, graphic cards, memory, power supplies, optical drives, etc…

Laptop upgrades are generally limited to processors, memory and hard drives.

Blue Screen Errors (BSOD)

Thanks to Windows 7, these are not as common as they used to be, but incredibly annoying when they do happen as they tend to occur out of the blue and can be notoriously difficult to resolve.

Causes are varied and can be due to software / drivers or hardware, or a combination of the three.

If you’ve recently installed new software or hardware, try removing them to see if this helps, if not, I can look at it for you.

   Computer Slow or Unable to Boot   

Remember how fast your new computer was when you first started it? Still that way now?

It is normal for computers to slow down over time, due to (often unnecessary) installed programs or utilities, browser toolbars, insufficient memory or drive space, hard drive errors, overheating due to accumulated dust, viruses, etc.

If your computer is slow, I can do a number of things to bring it back up to speed from disabling start up programs to a full install of Windows if requested.

Failing to boot is another common problem and can be due to various reasons, including corrupt start up files and viruses, though occasionally the fault can be due to a part failing (hard drive, memory or CPU are the most common culprits)

Data Recovery and Backup

If you have lost important files, it is often possible to recover them using specialised software, even if a drive has been formatted, though depending on the way they were lost, some information may be missing (filenames for example).

If you have accidentally deleted files STOP USING YOUR COMPUTER, as these files may then get overwritten by the operating system and become irrecoverable.

I can also advise on and setup various backup solutions to ensure your files are as safe as possible - think about what is on your PC now and how you would feel if the hard drive were to fail and you don’t have copies elsewhere?

Windows Upgrades / Re-Installation

Often the best way to get your computer back to factory fresh (and fast!), reinstalling Windows is sometimes necessary to repair damage done by certain viruses.

Whether reinstalling or upgrading, I will back up any files you may have (pictures, music, documents, etc…), and restore them after.

All drivers will be installed and Windows updates applied.

I will also install a reliable, and free anti-virus program

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Virus and Spyware Removal

Windows Upgrades / Re-Installation

Data Recovery and Backup

   Computer Slow or Unable to Boot  

Blue Screen Errors (BSOD)

PC / Laptop Hardware Repair / Upgrades

Laptop Screen / Keyboard Replacement

Windows Upgrades Re-Installation Virus and Spyware Removal Data Recovery and Backup Computer Slow or Unable to Boot Blue Screen Errors BSOD PC Laptop Hardware Repair Upgrades Laptop Screen and Keyboard Replacement

…and pretty much anything else…

Pretty much anything else

I specialise in PCs / Laptops and do NOT repair Macs

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