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Virus & Spyware Removal

Windows Upgrades & Re-Installation

Data Recovery & Backup

Computer Slow or Unable to Boot

Blue Screen Errors (BSOD)

PC and Laptop & Repair & Upgrade

Laptop Screen & Keyboard Replacement

And Pretty Much Anything Else…

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Virus & Spyware Removal

Windows Upgrades & Re-Installation

Data Recovery & Backup

Computer Slow or Unable to Boot

Blue Screen Errors (BSOD)

PC and Laptop & Repair & Upgrade

Laptop Screen & Keyboard Replacement

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John Roy:                                18-Nov-2015

More of the same Scott was very helpful, prompt and good value would recommend him to anybody else.



Hambrook Hal:                                9-Sept-2015

My computer gave up the ghost possibly because it couldn't cope with a Windows 10 update. Scott revived it and gave excellent service. I wouldn't hesitate to go back if there are more problems.

Emigal:                                         13-Nov-2012

My laptop was running too slowly to use and had developed a number of glitches. The man at Compufix got it running fine again, explained how to stop some of the same problems happening again and installed a better antivirus. He was very friendly and helpful and seemed genuinely keen to do the best he could on it. He only charged £30 and said that if I was not happy with how it was running he would work on it some more at no extra charge.

Waterfall:                                      11-Dec-2012

Have used Scott a number of times. My desktop stopped working and Scott thought it was the motherboard, which he purchased and then found it was not that, but the part he needed was unobtainable, due to the desktop being so old. He down loaded all the information off the hard drive, and then put it onto my laptop, and for all this he only charged me the £30 stated even though he was obviously out of pocket due to the purchase he made, and would not accept any further remuneration. Each time I have had to call him, he has solved my problems very efficiently and pleasantly. Good jobs well done - thank you Scott.

jdowsett:                                      26-Feb-2014

My wife's laptop has occasionally done strange things which I put down to finger problems.This allows me to show my superior masculine abilities by removing the battery,counting to ten,replacing the said battery and rebooting. Very technical!

This time the wretched thing defied my swearing and threats to throw it out of the window and laid there apparently dead.In desperation I turned to Scott at Compufix.

He kept it overnight,did whatever was necessary,told me things I didn't understand and charged me the best £30 I've spent in a long while.Wife thinks I'm very clever for finding Scott.Well done Which? local.

wickwarbob:                                06-Nov-2014

I picked Compufix-Bristol after searching 'Which Local'. I was impressed by reviews took my 2008 dying computer for heart surgery. Great fast service, fantastic value, new power pack, added memory, new version of windows, majority of memory recovered all for £60. Saved me having to by a new computer a big thank you.



JMSF:                                            15-Feb-2012

Replaced the failed hard drive on a laptop and reinstalled software quickly & efficiently and all for the very reasonable price quoted on his website. Minimum fuss, good service and very good value.

Lady Heather:                                22-Oct-2011

A "big name" computer firm mis-diagnosed the trouble and sold me a very expensive part that did not fix it! Compufix-Bristol took 10 mins looking and testing, told me the CORRECT problem ,Sent for the part and fixed it for less then half-price! Thats what I call a result!













StvMcD:                                        17-May-2013

I had a problem with my laptop refusing to boot up. Called up Compufix the evening of Day 1. Scott turned up the afternoon of Day 2 to examine my laptop before taking it away with him for further checks. My laptop was returned, back in working order, in the afternoon of Day 3. Can't complain with that.

Wed, 10 Jun 15 18:31                                                       
Name: Sam

Rating: 5 out of 5

Comment: Had a faulty display on my laptop so I brought it in. Problem was fixed that day (was a cable slipped from the socket), picked it up the next day and everything's running perfectly. Friendly, professional service, quick turnaround, no fuss. Would recommend.

Wed, 15 Jul 15 12:59                                                        
Name: Philip Pears

Rating: 5 out of 5

Comment: Brought him my gaming PC to have a crack at solving some problems I had been having with it.
I had tried speaking to the company which had supplied the company and found their customer service a joke. By contrast Scott was really helpful and worked on my computer tirelessly - would highly recommend his services!

Fri, 20 Nov 15 13:40                                                         
Name: Bob Pimm

Rating: 5 out of 5

Comment: I rang Scott to sort out a repair on my computer, took it around and within a day I had it back fixed and running great. I would recommend Scott to all my friends. Great service great price and a great guy.

Fri, 13 Nov 15 10:29                                                        
Name: Javer Jr

Rating: 5 out of 5

Comment: Excellent service and very friendly.

Mon, 10 Jun 13 15:03

Name: Mark Walden

Rating: 5 out of 5

Comment: I had a problem with a virus which was causing my whole desktop not to function properly. This was despite the fact that I had one of the best anti-virus software products on the market!

Scott resolved the problem, and offered me very helpful advice. He even said if I experienced any problems if the virus reappeared he would sort it out at no extra charge.

A really professional job at a competitive price. I'll use Scott again if I encounter any computer problems.

July 2013

                      Name: Garry Webber                                  (Google Review)

Comment: Scott is the model professional. He diagnosed the problems with my daughters two laptops and then ordered the parts to fix them. At all times he kept me informed of progress and when I could pick them up. Would highly recommend Compufix for your problems. Totally Satisfied, Thanks Scott

Wed, 28 Aug 13 19:51

Name: Wendy

Rating: 5 out of 5

Comment: My lap top and notebook both stopped working the same week, I was very happy to have them both repaired in just a few days and also having them collected and delivered to home was much appreciated. Excellent service and good value for money.

I now feel that the is no need for me to worry in the future, I now know who to call :)

Tue, 14 Jan 14 19:32

Name: Martin W

Rating: 5 out of 5

Comment: Absolutely heroic effort by Scott. Brought in a desktop with all sorts of hardware issues as I was attempting to upgrade my PC from different components.

Scott managed to test which pieces were causing faults and put together essentially a brand new computer, even helping with returns process for a faulty motherboard.

Excellent job and couldn't be happier. Would recommend every time for any computer issues.

Mon, 27 Jan 14 18:06

Name: Andy J

Rating: 5 out of 5

Comment: Brilliant service! Scott rescued my daughter's laptop quickly and effectively. Even went to her house to collect/deliver - better service and far better value than using one of the big chains.

Recommend this guy!

20 March 2014 10:08

                                     Name: Ken K                                         (by email)

Comment: Your calm advice and technical erudition were instrumental in helping me formulate my Insurance claim for the damaged laptop - and I'm pleased to say that it has now been settled fully in my favour.

Many thanks for your assistance.

Tue, 27 May 14 05:45

 Name: Peter H

Rating: 5 out of 5

Comment: It’s not often that I blindly choose an advertiser online without any reference or verification from someone I know. On this occasion however I was in a hurry and Scott’s home page somehow gave an air of friendly honesty. I took a punt and was exceptionally happy with the result.

His service offered exactly what it said on the tin and he resolved my PC problems quickly, efficiently and with a little extra software thrown in. I've already been giving out his cards to colleagues and if I do have need again then I wouldn't hesitate in returning to him.

Fri, 27 Jun 14 16:22

Name: ant

Rating: 5 out of 5

Comment: Scott was very efficient and effective fixing our laptop problem no technical jargon he told me everything I needed to know in a way that I could understand and told me if there was a problem and if it needed repairs/parts very well priced and very effective service many thanks to compufix and I will be sure to go back if I have any problems and I will be sure to recommend to any other person I know if they need the same help

Wed, 03 Sep 14 12:28  

Name: Natalie

Rating: 5 out of 5

Comment: Fantastic service, sorted out my laptop and had it back the next day! She runs much better now thanks!

                          Wed, 12 Nov 14 20:25

                                       Name: Azeem

Rating: 5 out of 5

Comment: This is the first review i have ever written and is is purely due to how good and reliable Scott is. His work standard is excellent and very professional. I came to Scott with a couple of very complex malware issues and within days he had fixed all the issues and now my laptop is brilliant!!

 Thanks Scott

Fri, 12 Dec 14 14:35   

Name: Kate

Rating: 5 out of 5

Comment: Brilliant and fair service, good communication and expertise. Recommend Scott!

Sat, 13 Dec 14 17:48

Name: Scott Faragher

Rating: 5 out of 5

Comment: I have called Scott several times for a range of issues. He has always been very patient and collected and returned my PC in full working order no matter what i've asked him to do. This has ranged from changing the Motherboard to software issues. I like the fact that he will keep you involved in all aspects of the repair process. When i first needed IT support back in 2011, I contacted 9 companies and individual people to ask if they could collect my PC as I am in a wheelchair and would have found it difficult to drop my PC off. Scott was the only person to return my email. I do not contact anyone other than Scott for PC support.

76 Reviews as of February 2020

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Ben Shuttlewort

December 2019

VERY fast and efficient service for an excellent price.  I was at my wits end and had tried (what I thought) was everything, but I dropped it off here and had it back working perfectly the next day.

I would definitely recommend   10/10!

Martin Cross

December 2019

This guy fixed my Arous gaming laptop (Wouldn't boot) I thought it was totally kaput for £35 ! Don't even think about taking your PC/laptop repair anywhere else, 5 stars just isn't enough...

nina lezhava

November 2019

Thanks,Scott ! You have solved the problem with my PC distantly . And I am half a world away , in Georgia .

Arfy F

November 2019

Always a great service: fast, high quality and very reasonable rates. Scott is efficient, good at communicating, honest and he has always fixed the problem with my computer. Thank you Scott. Highly recommend Compufix.

Will Vokins

Local Guide · 11 reviews · 3 photos

November 2019


Ripley Bullock

Local Guide · 37 reviews · 10 photos

September 2019

Great service

Tytus Biziuk

September 2019

Very helpful and professional.

Callum Bryce

August 2019

Never in all my life have i had service this professional.

Scott literally had possession of my laptop since Monday afternoon, he began working on it Wednesday morning and fixed my 'Black Screen of Death' issue in 4 hours for £35.

I tell you now, if I ever have any more issues or if you guys have any issues with your PC or Laptop, THIS is the professional you see.

Cheddar Bob

Local Guide · 77 reviews ·

January 2018

Nice bloke, competitive pricing

charles bates

January 2018

Been to Scott on a few occasions. He is very personable,

good value and very effective.

Liana Telfer

Local Guide -

January 2018

Jonquil Cairns

Local Guide ·

December 2017

Yun Syuen Teh

December 2017

Would totally recommend here, got my laptop with faulty memory fixed for a reasonable price within 3 days! The owner is very patient, friendly and knowledgeable. Quick response too!

Daryl Purawijaya

Local Guide

November 2017

My laptop broke down on sunday morning. Found this place from google and texted him as soon as I got the number. The reply was really fast (under 1 hour) and he said to come even though it was sunday afternoon.

It's wednesday now and got my laptop back all good. It was a problem with lazy fan. He even added more thermal paste to my laptop and now it's working really good.

Tom Glanville

November 2017

Great, quick service. Very impressed.

John Rachel

September 2017

I contacted Compufix by text at 11PM in the evening. By 3PM the next day my PC had already been fixed and a fresh copy of windows installed. I could not recommend this guy highly enough! I also asked for a few extra things to be done and Scott didnt charge me any extra.

Ashraf Ahmed

Local Guide

August 2017

Quick response, great price, brilliant service.

henrietta akande

Jully 2017

I was pleasantly surprised that my request for repairs was answered so quickly and repairs were done in a very short time and very satisfactorily

Tim Franklin

July 2017

I'd managed to get some sort of virus on my laptop.

This virus stopped me from being able to download anything and generally messed my lap top up.

I gave it to Scott to fix, he gave me it back better than new!

He's a lovely chap who is happy to help and nothing is too much trouble for him!

rachel hicks

June 2017

Excellent friendly service.   Very knowledgeable and helpful owner   I would recommend highly

L Gerhardt

May 2017

Easily the best computer repairs in Bristol. If you want your computer repaired really quickly, with no complications or hassles, then go to compufix. I've now been three times and when there's not a major job to do, I've barely even been charged - this is probably one of the most genuine and honest businesses around. Cannot recommend more.

Margarita Korovina

May 2017

Best value for money hands down.  Scott is a knowledgeable and courteous professional who provides outstanding service. Would  definitely recommend him.

Louis Price

May 2017

Great service. Quick responses, fixed my laptop screen while I waited in 10 minutes and reasonably priced to boot.

michelle booth

October 2016

my kids broke my laptop screen and within the hour i was back on my laptop...great prices and friendly guy make ya feel welcome and explains everything...better than any shop and will use him again ...always

Charlie O


Best place to go by far. Excellent customer service, price, and fix quality… I've been to city-centre businesses before for tech fixes and they've been extortionate and incredibly patronising about it - plus many take weeks to fix the problem and end up charging extra for things they didn't spot during diagnostics. No fix-no fee was perfect, my laptop is running better than ever and technically even upgraded - I would definitely go back to Scott again.

Sam Lystor

February 2020

Quick screen change done in front of me, 5 mins tops. Good service. Would recommend.

David Gillard

January 2020

Excellent service with very knowledgeable owner

Paul Davies

January 2020

Phoned up as found him on google, phoned him and explained the problem, took it round and texted me within the hour to state the part required.  Luckily there was no major concerns and something that was straight forward to fix and had my lptop back within 2 days!!

Cant fault Scott for this.  All in all great service with no fuss so i am very pleased with the outcome.  Really reasonable price too.  I would recommend this company.

sergejs sablinskis

January 2020

Prof place. For fix pc computer

Nick Cooper

Local Guide · 165 reviews · 73 photos

December 2019

Good service and alot cheaper than any other shop. replaced the broken charging socket and hot glued it all in

Andrew Tully

December 2019

I've had the pleasure of using Scott's services over the past few years and always found him to be professional, quick and competitively priced. 10/10 would use again.

Chloe Russell

February 2019

Karan Bharaj

January 2019

Sorted out my laptop 'blue screen of death' problem within a couple of hours or so. Also added a Windows 10 upgrade and it's all good as new.


Local Guide · 49 reviews · 4 photos

January 2019

Mitchell Henderson

Local Guide · 21 reviews · 2 photos

November 2018

Great result, knowledgeable, fast and fantastic value.  I contacted Scott at Compufix to fix an issue with the touch screen on my Lenovo Ideacenter. He took it in that day and had it fixed and ready for collection in under 24 hours. He did the fix,  and cleaned up my start up routine as an added extra, all for £30.  Highly recommended.

max shand

Local Guide · 31 reviews · 1 photo

October 2018

Very helpful advice. seams a nice guy to call and get the right direction for you needs. Thanks for spending the time talking to me on the phone

Michael Corbett

Local Guide · 98 reviews · 39 photos

October 2018

Scott is the man. I needed a new PSU (power supply unit) and had rung PC World, Staples and a host of small electrical parts suppliers. They were all useless! I phoned Scott and within a few seconds he knew what I was talking about and within a minute told me that he had one in stock. I went round there to pick it up and was back working on my laptop within the hour. Amazing.

Francisco Marquesini

October 2018

Needed a wipe and a new harddrive. Provided promptly and properly. Very happy, would recommend.

Alexandra K.

7 reviews · 1 photo

October 2018

Scott was amazing. I recommend him unreservedly.

I brought both my computers to him, to replace the hard disks with SSD ones. The service was quick, precise and affordable. I left with him my desktop PC on a Saturday, and picked it up all ready and without any problem the following Monday at midday; at the same time I left my laptop for the same work. Again in 48 hours it was ready to be picked up.

I wish I had known him last year when a previous attempt by another professional at upgrading my PC took more than a week, and created problems that left me struggling for weeks.

Goodreach Gweshe

1 review

September 2018

This guy is amazing, fixed my laptop screen in less than 5 minutes. Very helpful and honest about when it came to diagnosing the issue. Other companies where carding £90+ for a laptop screen repair he did for £75 and only took 5 minutes. Great guy definitely recommend

Kevin McG

1 review

September 2018

Responded quickly to my request for help and arranged for the laptop to go in the next day. Three issues to address  and I’m delighted to say all corrected by Steve (power issue, weak WiFi and slow start up times). Given the very reasonable cost I’ll be taking any of my future PC issues to Compufix for support. Highly recommend to all those with PC woes.

Mark Davies

1 review

September 2018

Excellent fast and friendly service at a really great price. Highly recommended! :)

James Norton

Local Guide · 24 reviews · 6 photos

August 2018

Had my laptop back the following day after dropping off. Great prices for a great service. Appreciated Scott explaining what caused the problem when I collected. Would use again. Thanks

Sean Bishop

4 reviews

August 2018

Very quick service and fair prices. Very happy.

John Aguiar

Local Guide · 1 review · 124 photos

July 2018

Excellent service, unbeatable pricing. Will recommend definitely.

Nate Williams

1 review

July 2018

Great service, price and quick to get in contact with.

Ross Britton

Local Guide · 186 reviews · 324 photos

June 2018

Very good experience of using Compufix-Bristol.  Scott was really good and helpful.  My laptop repair wasn't straight forward and Scott got it sorted out for a very fair price.  Will be happy to seek help from Compufix-Bristol again.  Thank you.

Ruthy Lillington

7 reviews · 1 photo

May 2018

Did a good job fixing the broken hinge on my laptop. Reasonable price too!

Agnieszka Teixeira-Vaz

June 2016

Scott is always totally straightforward to deal with, explains everything in a non-technical way and is reliable to a T. He also gives fixed pricing and sticks to it. He's our go-to guy for all our computer issues and I'd like to thank him for all his great service over the last few years.

Bill Mills


The fault in my laptop was quickly and accurately diagnosed and the necessary repairs carried out.

Now working perfectly, as opposed to not at all.

First class professional service.

Gary WebberCharles Draper


Javer Junior


Excellent service and one of the friendliest tech guys I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Definitely worth it.

Irena Cameron-Cowburn


Scott makes me and all our friends and family very happy - whenever we have a computer or laptop problem :( we know who to ask to deal with it, and we know the problem will be sorted out quickly and efficiently :)). Thank you, husby.

Gary Webber


Scott is the model professional. He diagnosed the problems with my daughters  two laptops and then ordered the parts to fix them. At all times he kept me informed of progress and when I could pick them up.

Would highly recommend Compufix for your problems. Totally Satisfied, Thanks Scott

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